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Family Holidays

Despite the longer flight time, South America is emerging as a prime destination for family travel

Imagine the possibilities: learn about the fascinating Incas, who left indelible marks across the continent with their mysterious ruins. Fascinating cultures will surprise and delight, from colourful religious festivals that inform as well as entertain to tales of myth and legend that defy any storybook fantasies they’ve ever heard before.

In Argentina, you could ride with real-life cowboys across the pampas, ice trek across a creaking glacier or go white water rafting in the Andes. Don’t forget the incredible wildlife experiences that they’ll enjoy telling their friends about back home: walk in the jungle with monkeys, birds and butterflies; blow bubbles in the face of an inquisitive sea lion while diving in the Galapágos Islands or swim with reef sharks, turtles and Galápagos penguins. The possibilities are endless.


From bespoke holidays to honeymoon ideas or even travelling with children, allow us to provide some Latin American holiday inspiration