Discover Scandinavia

Perhaps not a traditional holiday destination, but growing ever more popular in recent years, Scandinavia is a fantastic short hop from the UK that offers a little something different to the marvellous Mediterranean. Mention Scandinavia holidays and the mind drifts to glittering fjords, unspoilt wildernesses, quirky cities and the Northern Lights gliding above starry skies. Sweden is the third largest country in Western Europe, so there’s plenty of space for its spectacular landscapes. Where else can you sleep in a mirrored treehouse or heated igloo under a blizzard? The capital city of Stockholm spreads across 14 islands with views of the frigid Baltic Sea, and in the north you’ll find Swedish Lapland, blanketed in forests of pine and lakes of azure, stretching as far as the eye can see. Norway is beautiful and diverse, with picturesque fishing villages and, of course, the fjords. Take a fjords cruise or perhaps hike around the region for a bird’s-eye view of the stunning cliffs and the sparkling water. Denmark, and in particular the capital of Copenhagen, is ideal for short breaks from the UK. Though the smallest country in the Nordic region, Denmark has plenty to offer, such as sandy beaches and a rich and illustrious history. Copenhagen is one of Scandinavia’s most beautiful cities and is a pleasure to explore on foot and by bicycle.