Discover Italy

The three cornerstones of Italian cooking are pizza, pasta and passion, so it’s no surprise that Italy is a popular destination for food lovers seeking to sample a little slice of la dolce vita. The magic of Italy is its unashamed zest for life, of people who start their day with an obligatory espresso at their favourite café and end it over a glass of locally produced wine under a smattering of stars. If food isn’t your thing then consider the sights and sounds around you, from the misty, curving landscapes of Tuscany to the beaches that pepper the south and the plethora of UNESCO World Heritage Sites that litter the cities of Rome, Florence, Venice… Sounds like the slap of canal water against the side of a gondola gliding along the Grand Canal, the whine of a scooter navigating a switchback road along the Amalfi Coast, the sizzle of a hot pan filled with olive oil – and we’re back to the food, again! The lakes in the north, Como, Maggiore and Garda, are a cool respite from the summer heat and offer a different take on the country, while in the south, Sicily, the largest of Italy’s islands, boasts fabulous beaches, pretty towns and the towering aspect of Mount Etna.