Discover Greece

Greece is a natural holiday destination. The recipe of beautiful beaches, a population that lives to, well, live well, and an island for every occasion; Greek holidays are the stuff of childhood memories, of sailing from pebble beaches to idyllic harbour towns, driving down hair-raising roads and eating oranges picked straight from the tree. Athens maybe the birthplace of democracy, where ruins languish on every corner and the night doesn’t get properly started until 2am, but away from the surprisingly charming city you can find a destination to suit your every whim. Feeling romantic? Santorini holidays make for the ideal honeymoon in Greece, with sunsets that defy CGI. Are you a trendsetter? Mykonos is the ‘new Ibiza’ where the great and the glamorous gather. Crete is replete with beaches, Ios a party island, Paxos and Naxos more different still. In the Ionian chain, the islands are verdant and green, like hilly Kefalonia with its loggerhead turtles and Corfu with its Venetian old town. Skiathos and Skopelos are the stuff of Hollywood blockbuster (if you’ve seen Mamma Mia!...) and on the mainland, the Peloponnese is both beautiful and cultured. On a warm evening at dusk, as the vermilion sun melts into the shimmering distant horizon, there’s no better pastime than to sip a glass of chilled retsina as you contemplate the good life, Greek style.