Brazil is a country packed with icons: the beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana; the bright lights of the Carnival; the Amazon Rainforest and river; the thundering Iguazu Falls… Football, bikinis, favelas, Christ the Redeemer. Each image that characterises Brazil is heady with passion, allure and, most importantly, colour. The largest country in South America (and the fifth largest in the world) is so replete with incredible sights it can be difficult to know where to start. All holidays to Brazil should include some time spent at the beach: the cerulean seas, golden beaches and emerald rainforest are reminiscent of the colours of the Brazilian flag, and there are many to choose from. Brazil holidays will also benefit from venturing inland, to the wetlands of the Pantanal and the mountains that once boomed with the success of the Gold Rush. This is a country with a culture as varied as its landscapes, of African heritage, colonial Portuguese influences and that Latin American zest for life. During Carnival Brazil vibrates with energy and samba beats echo through the streets. The best time to visit Brazil depends on what you’d like to see; as a large country the temperature varies hugely between north and south. The northeast is ideal all year round, but visitors to Rio would do well to stick to September to May for the best weather. The Pantanal is best from July to December while the Amazon differs, with March to August offering the best time to travel to the Amazon region. As well as the natural wonders and plethora of sights, sophisticated and romantic hotels make for a fantastic Brazil honeymoon, at any time of the year.

Brazil Family Adventure

14 days from £3,325 pp
This 14-day adventure will earn you serious mum and dad points as you travel from the buzzing city of Rio de Janeiro to the thundering plumes of Iguazu Falls, then on to the Amazon Rainforest, the historic city of Salvador and the fashionable and relaxed beach resort of Praia do Forte.

Romantic Honeymoon in Brazil

14 days from £3,295 pp

Beautiful beaches, stunning cities and incredible wildlife and natural wonders: Brazil ticks all the boxes for a spectacular honeymoon. Make memories to treasure forever at Brazil’s key sights, getting drenched by the spray from Iguazu Falls as you walk into the Devil’s Throat, or strolling among the colonial streets in the romantic town of Ouro Preto. Buzios is the perfect place to conclude your stay, with time to relax on the silky white sands and plenty of chic restaurants and bars.


Natural Highlights of Brazil

14 days from £4,700 pp

Most visitors seeking a wildlife holiday to Brazil would consider the Amazon a prime animal-spotting destination, and while this is very much the case we’d highly recommend an alternative: the Pantanal. The world’s largest freshwater wetland is home to an enormous array of exotic plants, not to mention 700 species of bird and 260 species of fish. It’s also home to the elusive jaguar, the sleek giant otter and the curious anteater.