Top 7 beaches to visit in Latin America

San Blas Panama

Top 7 beaches in Latin America

As midwinter approaches here in the UK and the light slowly pushes back against the early close of day, we at Tambo Travel have started to feel our senses yearning for a sunny escape to somewhere exotic.

So, from our expertise, we have compiled a list of 7 of our favourite destinations for a holiday in the sun, Latin America style.

1. Jericoacoara – Brazil

With its 5,000 miles of coastline Brazil is a natural choice for those seeking a sunny holiday but, in a country so vast and diverse there are plenty of differentiating factors for holidaymakers.

In the northeast of Brazil, the old fishing town, Jericoacoara, is a haven of beauty and tranquillity and if you are looking for an alternative to the crowded beaches near Rio de  Janeiro then this is a good option for you.

The closest big town to Jericoacoara is Fortaleza and from there the most traditional route to the seaside town is via 4WD. It is a 3000-mile journey but the beach, the fresh fish and vegetables and Brazilian cocktails that await you at the other end are undoubtedly worth the journey.

Take a look through some of our Brazilian destination suggestions but remember, all of our trips are bespoke so do get in touch to find out exactly how we can help you.

Jericoacoara Northeast Brazil
Jericoacoara Beach – Northeast Brazil


2. Cartagena – Colombia

For a different experience entirely, we recommend the old port town of Cartagena in Colombia. Combining white sandy beaches with the architectural features of a historic city, this sunny escape if perfect for those looking to mix a strong dose of culture into their holiday.

The walled Old Town of Cartagena is listed as a Unesco World Heritage site and within its stone walls visitors can have a leisurely browse through its bougainvillaea covered streets, it’s enormous churches and stop off at a number of bars and restaurants whilst enjoying the warmth and hospitality of the Colombian people.

And for that beach escape, this Caribbean town offers ample opportunity for sun catching, whether on the coastline itself or at the nearby Rosalie islands.

Though we don’t have a dedicated section on the website for Colombian holidays we certainly have the expertise of this neighbouring country of ours and would love to put together the perfect escape for you.

Rosario Islands Colombia
Rosario Islands, 100 km from Cartagena – Colombia

3. Jose Ignacio – Uruguay

Moving further south and to a much smaller country than Colombia or Ecuador,  Jose Ignacio in Uruguay offers another option for those seeking a quiet, sand filled escape.

Further, along on the Atlantic Coast, Jose Ignacio is a world away from its nearby and well known coastal city Punta del Este.

Jose Ignacio has that Atlantic feel with waves suited to surfing and a lighthouse looking out to the wild sea.  Fresh seafood and a gentle population are defining features of this small seaside town.

Jose Ignacio Uruguay Tambo Travel
Jose Ignacio – Uruguay

4. Fernando de Noronha – Brazil

In the North Eastern corner of Brazil, 350 kilometres off the coast lies Fernando de Noronha – Brazil, a spectacular archipelago which is pleasantly shrouded in mystery and magnificence.

A nature lovers idea of heaven this archipelago is made of one main island and around 20 smaller islands.  It can be reached via a flight from Brazil’s capital San Paulo.

If strolling along white sandy beaches or snorkelling in the crystal blue waters is your thing then this is your destination.

Fernando de Noronha - Brazil
Fernando de Noronha – Northeast Brazil

5. Mancora – Northern Peru

This destination is truly a piece of insider knowledge. Mancora, on the Pacific coast lies close to the Ecuador border and offers some of the most exciting surfing on the continent.

With all eyes on Machu Picchu or Lima, the entire northern part of Peru is free from the touristic hustle of the hotspots.

Visit Manorca for an active break of surfing, swimming or beach horse-riding, or simply seek out the tranquillity and gentle northern culture with a dose of ceviche (the Peruvian national dish).

Mancora Beach Peru
Mancora Beach – Northern Peru

6. Bocas del Toro – Panama

Now back to the Caribbean coast with a Panama destination, Bocas del Toro.

Part of the Central America trail that is known for its beautiful beaches and biodiversity, Bocas del Toro is part of a collection of islands just south of Costa Rica.

With rainforests nearby, harbours full of sailing yachts and a thriving nightlife the Bocas del Toro is a diverse travel destination for those with both relaxation and entertainment on the agenda.

As a volcanic region hiking and zip lining activities are available and most water sports that one would associate with an island region.

Bocas del Toro Panama
Bocas del Toro – Panama

7. Tulum – Mexico

You may have noticed Mexico featuring on many lists recently for beautiful beaches and friendly people. Regions such as the Yucatán province will show you why.

Tulum, similar to Cartagena for its glorious mix of natural beauty, culture and architecture makes our final recommendation for a holiday escape.

Here you will find long stretches of sandy beaches with rocky shelves and El Castillo, the ancient ruins of an ancient Mayan city.

The warmth of the climate and the local Mexicans make Tulum a hotspot for an array of tourists. In recent years it has emerged as a popular yoga spot, providing eco-friendly options for those on retreat.

Tulum Beach Mexico_Tambo Travel
Tulum – Riviera Maya – Mexico

If this blog has whetted your appetite for a Latin American sun, or culture escape then please get in touch to see what we can help you with. Although Mexico and the Central Americas are not featured on our website, we have expert knowledge of these destinations.


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