10 Reasons to book with a Travel Expert



10 Reasons to book with a Travel Expert

We’re in the age of information, there’s no doubt about that and with a plethora of online travel options we would like to share with you 10 reasons to book with a travel expert.

1. Save Time and Money

Where do you start when researching for your holiday on an unknown continent or country? With a world full of information on the internet, it can be a time-consuming exercise browsing for the right travel deal for you. Does the package include airport transfers? Have you read the small print? Does it have the correct travel insurance? A travel agent such as Tambo Travel will work to your budget to save you time and money.

2. Expertise

A travel agent lives and breathes travel. At Tambo, we offer in-depth, first-hand knowledge, gleaned from years of living and working in Latin America and Europe. Combining personal insights and extensive industry knowledge, we create memorable trips and experience, tailored to you.

3. Personalised Service

Are you dreaming of seeing the capuchin monkeys in Costa Rica? Or have you always dreamed of vising the Malbec region of Argentina? When you book with a travel expert you are a receiving a service that is all about you. At Tambo Travel every personal detail of your holiday will be factored in to ensure you receive exactly what you want for your trip. We are able to do this because we take the time to understand exactly what you need out of your holiday.

4. Relationships

The relationships that travel experts have with the people involved in making your trip perfect are the key to success. When you book with a travel expert you know that they have spent years building the relationships with people who will be the making of your holiday. Tambo have been putting together these types of holidays for the past 20 years, meeting many inspiring people on our journeys. We work with a network of exceptional ground handlers in each country with whom we have developed fantastic relationships. It’s because of this that we are confident that the level you’ll receive from our people on the ground will be of the highest possible standard.

If something goes wrong, which it occasionally does, the relationships that your travel expert has built with the people on your journey that will result in them going the extra mile to ensure your problem is fixed.

5. Perks and upgrades

Going back to those relationships, a travel expert is best placed to access perks and upgrades. Tambo Travel has been known to make sure their customer is greeted with a bottle of champagne on arrival after a long flight. There are also things such as a room or seat upgrades that only a travel expert has access to without a large cost attachment. Our ground staff at destinations are often wanting to impress their visitors but also to send a message to the travel expert to thank them for sending business their way.

Travel map by Elena Larkin - Tambo Travel

6. You get matched right

Have you ever got to the end of a travel booking only to realise that a huge carnival was happening in the destination you had chosen for your peaceful break? Or have you booked into a hotel far away from the place where you want to be in your holiday? Our job is to suit your exact needs to your holiday, from the flight to accommodation to all of your activities. We’ve used our own experience of travel to build precisely the kind of holiday you are looking for.

7. You pay the same

The deals that you receive via a travel expert will be no more expensive than the ones that you cobble together yourself but without all of the hassle. Once you have totalled up the cost of your flight, accommodation, transfers etc a travel expert is going to result in you paying the same as you would otherwise, if not less, especially if you’ve been lucky enough to receive one of the perks or upgrades mentioned above.

8. You’re protected

We want to inspire confidence in you so when you book with us, you enjoy complete peace of mind. For this reason, we are proud to be a trading name and to operate our holiday packages through Sunvil UK Ltd, a fully bonded Tour Operator which takes full responsibility for the operation of your holiday. Our air holiday packages are ATOL protected by the Civil Aviation Authority.

When the Iceland volcano erupted many years ago, I was on holiday with my daughter. We were staying with friends and had not booked a package. I was lucky that we had somewhere to stay but I saw thousands of other passengers who had not booked with a travel agent stranded and having to pay for their own food and accommodation until the flights resumed a week later.

9. At the Forefront

Travel experts dedicate time to being at the forefront of all the latest travel-related news. When a new resort is opened or a new plastic-free route is created up to Machu Picchu for example, we are the first to find out with access to the latest information. Recently I was invited on view the new Avianca Airlines Dreamliner carrier. I made the same journey from the arrival at Heathrow Terminal 2 all the way through the lounges and onto the aircraft. This is the kind of close up knowledge that your travel expert has of the journeys that she/he sells which enables her/his to place you exactly where you want to be.

10. Less Stress

When you are faced with a mountain of information for your holiday destination don’t you get stressed? When you spend hours picking the hotel you would like to visit in Costa Rica, only to discover it is at the opposite end of the country to where you fly into and the only option to get you there is a private plane. Travel, accommodation, activities, all of the elements of your perfect holiday need to be considered together and if you don’t have all of the information in front of you, like a travel expert this will be a stressful and onerous job. Maybe you’ll even need to double the length by the time you’ve finally ensured that all of the parts are in place. The peace of mind that a travel expert can offer you in arranging your perfect holiday is difficult to quantify but it is something that keeps coming back via customer testimonials.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog about the reasons to book with a travel expert. Tambo has spent a lifetime working with the travel industry and we hear from a lot of customers about holiday disasters or trips that have gone wrong. Booking with a travel expert is a great way to transfer away the risk of your holiday and have someone working for you to create your perfect memorable break.

By Elena Larkin
Image courtesy of Elena Larkin & Andrew Stutesman

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