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Discover South America

Size, variety, culture, adventure… travelling South America is a rewarding experience

It’s very easy to fall in love with South America. What’s not to get excited about? Its size makes it ideal for touring holidays, making longer adventures a possibility, yet its cities and top sights are increasingly more accessible. Its natural wonders are among some of the most beautiful in the world, from the thundering falls of Iguazu to the mighty ribbon of the Amazon, and its cultures are as varied as they are colourful.


Dance the tango in Argentina, try salsa in Colombia or perhaps samba in Brazil; a celebration in South America isn’t complete without kicking up your heels in a fiery display of passion.

On a continent as wide-ranging as Latin America you can be certain that the gastronomy is as diverse as its landscapes; here, fresh produce abounds, and we defy you to find a better steak outside of Argentina, a more-crisp white wine outside of Santa Cruz or a full-bodied red elsewhere other than Mendoza. South America tours can take you all across the continent, viewing the sunrise over Machu Picchu, starry skies over the otherworldly Atacama Desert or the setting sun as it slips below the mountains that encircle Rio de Janeiro. We are experts at booking South America holidays: this is our homeland, and we have many years’ experience of arranging travel in this part of the world. If you’re interested in Latin America holidays, give us a call today to find out how you can explore this incredible part of the world.


Size, variety, culture, adventure… travelling South America is a rewarding experience, whatever you’re looking for. From bespoke holidays to honeymoon ideas or even travelling with children, allow us to provide some Latin American holiday inspiration.



When it comes to adventure, South America has it in spades. The capacity for exploration is virtually limitless, whether you like mountaineering, skiing or snowboarding, diving, hiking… For off the beaten track holidays, take your pick! South America adventure comes in many guises and your adventure holidays here could span anything from a week to many months of deeper discovery. We have access to the most remote lodges with the finest guides, who know their destinations inside out and seek out untouched trails for you to explore. The sheer size of the continent means getting around can be a lengthy process, but not if you have your own transportation. A four-wheel drive off-road adventure through the stunning scenery makes for an unforgettable experience. How far you go is up to you...


Despite the longer flight time, South America is emerging as a prime destination for family travel. Imagine the possibilities: learn about the fascinating Incas, who left indelible marks across the continent with their mysterious ruins. Fascinating cultures will surprise and delight, from colourful religious festivals that inform as well as entertain to tales of myth and legend that defy any storybook fantasies they’ve ever heard before. In Argentina, you could ride with real-life cowboys across the pampas, ice trek across a creaking glacier or go white water rafting in the Andes. Don’t forget the incredible wildlife experiences that they’ll enjoy telling their friends about back home: walk in the jungle with monkeys, birds and butterflies; blow bubbles in the face of an inquisitive sea lion while diving in the Galapágos Islands or swim with reef sharks, turtles and Galápagos penguins. The possibilities are endless.


Honeymoon destinations shouldn’t just be limited to the Indian Ocean or the Caribbean, however beautiful they are. For honeymoons with a difference there’s plenty of isolated beaches, gourmet food and romantic sunsets to be found in South America. Why not start your trip of a lifetime in Rio de Janeiro or Buenos Aires? Cities don’t come more vibrant than this duo of delightful destinations, and a city break honeymoon is an exciting twist on a beach break. If viniculture is your thing you could try a wine tasting experience in Mendoza or Chile’s gorgeous Santa Cruz valley, just a couple of hours from the capital of Santiago. Conclude your romantic adventure on the laid back, beautiful beaches of Bahia in Brazil for the perfect (and relaxed!) introduction to married life. Feeling romantic? Your luxury Latin America honeymoon awaits.


Wildlife holidays in South America are one of the most rewarding ways to see the country. There’s so much of it, you’re unlikely to see everything on just one visit. One of the most popular wildlife viewing holidays in Latin America is a Galapágos Islands cruise, sailing on a comfortable expedition vessel to the handful of inhabited islands whose animal population far outweighs that of humans. But the mainland is home to the most biodiverse region on Earth: the Pantanal. Creatures range from the elusive Jaguar to the striking Hyacinth macaw, while the Iberá Wetlands in Argentina are known as a natural refuge for a huge variety of wildlife, until recently practically unexplored. In Central America, Costa Rica is widely recognised as the pioneer of ecotourism, and as such it has strived to protect huge areas of the country. Here you can watch turtles come ashore on the beaches, or come face to face with the humble sloth, perhaps volunteering at one of the many wildlife reserves during your holiday.


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