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Discover Central America

Though neighbours, the regions of Central America are very different to their South American counterparts.

Mexico and Guatemala are perhaps best known for their stunning Mayan ruins but also their well-preserved colonial towns, dramatic canyons, dreamy beaches and rainforests teeming with wildlife.


Another wildlife-lovers’ haven is the country of Costa Rica, one of the most biodiverse places on the planet. Divers will love Belize’s barrier reef, the second largest in existence, that appears designed for snorkelling and diving opportunities.

Panama is no longer famous merely for its impressive canal but also for its beautiful pristine rainforest that offers fantastic birdwatching. This is a country that lets you get as far away from the beaten track as you possibly can. The scenery here is also just as dramatic as further south; take Nicaragua: beaches that rival the Caribbean, towering active volcanoes and a laid-back, fun-loving population. It’s a small country with many surprises.


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